Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery – Dental Implants

There are a number of reasons why cosmetic surgery dental implants have such a high rate of success.

Dental implants are without a doubt some of the most successful surgical procedures in the field of dentistry. Although there are no hundred percent guarantees for the success of the surgery for implant procedure but studies proudly show a success rate of up to ninety five percent for lower jaw implants in the past five years and about ninety percent for upper jaw cosmetic surgery dental implants.

The upper jaw in particular the posterior segment is less dense than the lower jaw, making successful implantation easier in that region. Consequently osseointegration is substantially difficult to achieve. That is why there is a high success rate for lower posterior implantation among all other dental implants.

There can be several reasons for cosmetic surgery dental implants to fail. An apparent failure in the osseointegration procedure is often the major cause. It also happens in case of poor implant positioning which stops osseointegration. Implants are also prone to breaking or becoming infected just like the natural teeth are. The crowns used also may get loose.

For smokers, when considering an implant a dentist will advise you to renounce smoking altogether so you can undergo the surgical procedure. This is due to the fact that smokers are at higher risk of failure of implants.

The plus side to dental implants is that they are not vulnerable to cavity formation of any kind. But one problem still lurks that poor oral hygiene can be the cause of development of peri-implantitis which is similar to the growth of periodontitis which is a severe gum disease and forms around natural teeth.

Many dentists who are qualified to perform surgery are starting to employ a fresh technique for the missing teeth replacement. They place dental implants in areas from where teeth have newly been taken out. This new technique can be successful and helps shed a lot of time off the treatment time which dental implants are known to take and helps to speed up osseointegration.

But not every one can get this type of cosmetic surgery dental implants which includes early intervention. This is because it depends upon certain anatomical factors related to the site of the extracted tooth. In several cases the extracted tooth site is quite broader than the dental implant itself and hence makes it impracticable placing the implant directly into the location right after removal.