Dental Problems

What Types of Dental Problems Can One Get?

No one likes to be sent to a dentist’s chair and the problem alone can be so dreadful most people tend to ignore it for long before they actually visit the dentist. But are you sure you are doing the right decision by leaving matters to time and fate? Are you aware of what types of dental problems you might be leading yourself into?

Sometimes it really can be something as simple as the wrong brushing technique that can give you gum swelling or bleeding. Maybe your brush is worn out and needs to be changed. This is why you should always keep a track of how long you have used your brush and never brush too harshly which can give you scratches and bleeding.

But many other types of dental problems can also be lurking out there. For example women on birth control pills or hormonal imbalances can sometimes get gum swelling and bleeding. If the swelling is less, than the treatment may just be to rinse your mouth more often using a medicated mouthwash and keeping a good dental hygiene. You should also rinse your mouth with water quite often. But stay away from store bought alcohol based mouth washes.

If you have dental implants then you must remember to stay away from smoking. Several types of dental problems arise because of smoking as well. If the problem persists, you should and must go to a certified dentist.

For people with dental implants, they should also keep a good dental and oral hygiene otherwise there is risk of development of peri-implantitis forming around your implants. This is the same thing as the gum disease or periodontitus of natural tooth. This is when thing get serious and you must show the dentist.

If you feel sharp pains in tooth or gums, then you must go to a dentist while taking regular painkillers like aspirin. Aspirin generally works well for the pain and until you get a better treatment, it can help you relax. Many times cloves are known to ease the dental pain of tooth. You can take a couple of cloves and put them on the affected area and squeeze your teeth a little. The oil from the cloves will ease the pain for quite sometime. But remember this is just a pain killing solution, and you must go to the dentist as soon as possible. This is applicable both for wisdom tooth and any other tooth related types of dental problems