Dental Surgery

Types of Dental Surgery

Dental surgery can be necessary for a number of reasons. It can be cosmetic or reconstructive and for placing implants.

Some common types of dental surgery are described in this article.

One common type of surgery is Endodontic surgery which basically involves the root of the tooth. This also includes the root canal surgery and two other forms called Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy. The former involves the opening of the pulp chamber of the tooth so an infection can drain. This is usually done following a root canal. While Pulpectomy is the elimination of the pulp from the pulp chamber which relieves pain temporarily.

Dental implants are another type of dental surgery without a doubt some of the most successful surgical procedures in the field of dentistry. Although there are no hundred percent guarantees for the success of the surgery for implant procedure but studies proudly show a success rate of up to ninety five percent for lower jaw implants in the past five years and about ninety percent for upper jaw cosmetic surgery using dental implants.

The upper jaw in particular the posterior segment is less dense than the lower jaw, making successful implantation easier in that region. Consequently osseointegration is substantially difficult to achieve. That is why there is a high success rate for lower posterior implantation among all other dental implants.

Prosthodontic surgery is the use of dental prosthetics including crowns, veneers, bridges and dentures. Implants are also included in this category.

Crowns or caps are simulated coverings of the teeth which can be structured from a range of material which include ceramic/porcelain metal composite also known as CMC/PMC with a gold or tin/aluminum mixture. These can be accommodated by reshaping the underlying tooth.

Veneers are similar artificial coverings but they cover only the frontal surface of the tooth also called the labial or buccal surface. This is done usually for purely cosmetic and aesthetic purposes. A set of two or more fused crowns makes Bridges which are used to bridge missing teeth. This is usually used after a tooth extraction.

Dental Implants, as explained earlier involves creating a base that is set into the bone called mandible or maxilla. This is then left to heal so that an artificial tooth can be screwed into place a few months later.

Among dental surgery, commonly used dentures are false teeth that can be either partial or complete set of dentition. They can be attached to neighboring teeth with the help of grasps or they can be attached to the palatial or gingival surface.