It is a very well known fact that smoking has many adverse effects on your health. Here are some facts about what smoking does to your teeth.

Facts About What Smoking Does to Your Teeth


Smoking has immediate effects on your teeth. Much time is not required for tar and nicotine to start discoloring your teeth, making them turn yellow. The teeth of chronic chain smokers can even become brown, after years of smoking. This appears very unattractive.

Bad Breath

Smoking causes halitosis or foul-smelling breath. Brushing or using mouthwash will not help in fixing this condition. Those who get close to you will surely know that you happen to be a smoker.

Reduced Blood Flow

Smoking can cause poor circulation, which reduces the flow of blood to gums. When essential nutrients do not reach these gums, they start suffering from disease. Bleeding may not be observed, as the blood flow gets reduced. So you might not be able to find anything wrong, till it’s too late. You may even lose teeth, as it may also affect the gum wound healing.

Oral Cancer

Smoking is the major cause of oral cancer. This is because of more than 4,000 chemicals, present in one cigarette. Sadly, most of the oral cancer patients, do not survive more than five years, because, oral cancer is usually not detected, until it enters advanced stage.

Gum disease

Smoking or other types of tobacco products can cause gum disease, in which the bone attachment and soft tissue of your teeth is affected. Moreover, smoking appears to interfere with normal functioning of gum tissues. This makes the smokers highly vulnerable to infections, like periodontal disease.

Causes of Cigar and Pipe Smoking

Like cigarettes, smoking cigars and pipes can also cause oral problems such as loss of tooth and alveolar bone. Other consequences can include stained teeth, bad breath and high risk of gum disease.