Keeping the teeth, gums and mouth in good condition is an important aspect of healthy living. Regular dental checkups are necessary, but you should know some important home remedies for dental care tips, which may be beneficial.

Home Remedies for Dental Care Tips

Tips for Natural Dental Care & Toothache

Presence of bacteria in your mouth can cause tooth decay, pain and bad breath. Try home remedies to slow down the development of bacteria and cavities.

  • Chewing fresh leaves of spinach several times in a day is said to be good for strengthening the teeth.
  • To reduce germ build up, chew on raw onions for at least three minutes.
  • Consume plenty of vitamin C and calcium.
  • After every meal, gargle water mixed with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Eat half a lime, along with its peel, daily.
  • Place a fresh garlic clove and a small quantity of rock salt on the painful tooth, to obtain some relief from the ache.
  • Wheatgrass juice also helps in alleviating toothache.

Natural Remedies for Bad Odor

Even regular brushing of teeth and flossing can fail to control bad breath. You should clean your tongue daily and use a mouthwash to counter foul breath problem. Some natural remedies will be able to provide fresher breath.

  • For temporary relief of bad breath, chew some dried leaves of coriander.
  • Add a teaspoon of lemon and ginger juice to warm water and gargle this solution, two to three times, every day.
  • For instant fresh breath, you should chew some fennel seeds after every meal.
  • Don’t let the mouth dry, keep it hydrated all the time.
  • Gargle with a warm water solution containing a pinch of salt and baking soda.
  • Boil a bunch of parsley sprigs with whole cloves and gargle with this liquid for two times in a day.
  • Eat at least an avocado a day, for soothing the mouth as well as your abdomen.