Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene involves keeping the mouth and teeth clean and free from bad breath. The practice of oral hygiene as well as dental health involves not only personal hygiene practices done by an individual but also maintained by health professionals such as general dentists and specialized doctors.

The first step to keeping a proper oral hygiene is to practice general cleaning procedures that can be done from the home. Such procedures can include brushing the teeth and gums as well as flossing and tongue cleaning. Regular dentist visits to the dentist for checkups and to undergo certain medical procedures such as extraction, placing braces and dentures can also be part of oral and dental hygiene. Procedures which include professional cleaning includes teeth polishing, debridement and tooth scaling. Tooth filling, profilaxis as well as teeth whitening are also common clinic procedures.

Health and dental professionals are usually bound together in a professional community to serve the citizens with excellent oral hygiene and condition. Having a reliable dentist can bring you excellent oral health. As for the community, having a sufficient number of dentists ready to give oral treatments and maintenance is important. Health directories which contain a complete list of local dentists would be beneficial to all members of the community.

The maintenance of healthy teeth an gums are not the only concerns of dentistry. Teeth longevity and the dissemination of proper dental practice among individuals and families are also of primary importance. For these reasons, oral health is not only about maintaining the present conditions of the mouth and teeth but also in the dissemination of information how diet and lifestyle can both affect oral health. Even in early childhood, the practice of proper mouth, teeth an gum care is imposed at home and in school.