Proper oral care helps in maintaining your teeth and gums in good condition. With regular care, you will not be required to rush to the dentist for many of the associated dental problems.  Here are some useful tips about dental care, to help keep your mouth healthy and fresh.

Tips About Dental Care


Brushing every morning, helps in getting rid of bacteria and plaque which accumulate over night. It is also required to brush at night before going to bed, because during sleep, the saliva which helps in keeping plaque off the teeth dries up. Make sure that you clean all the teeth face, as well as gums.


Clean the areas between the teeth, with the help of a dental floss. Floss prior to brushing, to remove plaque, which collects in these areas. Almost 90% of dental problems originate from the areas in between teeth, so it is necessary to floss well regularly.

Electric toothbrushes

Many dental professionals recommend electric toothbrushes for better performance than regular brushes. Electric toothbrushes consist of smaller brush heads, which envelop the tooth and provide faster and efficient cleaning of areas, where plaque and bacteria collect.


Waterjets are the devices, which are used as an alternative to flossing, for removing plaque, present in between teeth, by blasting pressurized water streams. Research has shown that use of a waterjet, along with regular brushing, removes 99% more plaque, compared to only brushing and also reduces gingivitis in two to four weeks of use.

Cleaning tongue

Major cause of bad breath is the accumulation of bacteria on the tongue. Use a good tongue cleaner every morning, for getting rid of tongue deposits and freshening your breath. Regular tongue cleaning helps in eliminating foul-smell causing bacteria.

Avoiding dry mouth

Saliva acts as a defense against many periodontal problems. It’s necessary to keep your mouth hydrated at all times. Continuous dry mouth may be an indication of a disease or a medication side effect. Those suffering from dry mouth can use products which stimulate the production of saliva.