Sensitive teeth is a problem, faced by many people, where you experience lot of trouble in eating and drinking. This condition results when gums or enamel wears out, exposing the hollow canals called dentin, which can easily send hot and cold sensations to the nerves of teeth. With the help of these tips for sensitive teeth, you can find some relief.

Tips for Sensitive Teeth

  • You should brush your teeth gently, with a soft-bristled brush. This helps in decreasing the frequency of your teeth sensitivity.
  • Avoid drinking fluids containing citric acid, such as soda, lemonade and orange juice. It is suggestible to use a straw for minimizing the contact of your teeth with the citric acid.
  • Stay completely away from ice. Some people have the habit of chewing the ice cubes, which not only makes your teeth sensitive, but may also chip them.
  • Use toothpaste, meant for sensitive teeth. You can find organic toothpastes, containing no harsh ingredients that help in reducing tooth sensitivity.
  • Applying fluoride gel helps in filling the cracks and holes of your teeth. You can get this done with the help of a dentist, which is a quick and pain free procedure.
  • People suffering from extremely sensitive teeth, may be recommended to get a crown, bond or filling, by the dentist. Crowning, bonding or filling of teeth will be very helpful in reducing teeth sensitivity to foods and drinks.
  • Avoid grinding your teeth. Tooth grinding, referred to as bruxism, can cause sensitivity in teeth. Tooth enamel can wear away, due to chronic grinding. If you have the habit of grinding teeth during night, you should consult your dentist, who can suggest a mouth guard.
  • Limit the intake of tea and coffee, as the acid present in them, can irritate sensitive teeth. Cut down your daily intake or dilute these drinks with water, for reducing acidity.
  • Brushing and cleansing your mouth with cold water can aggravate sensitive teeth. You should use warm water for cleaning your teeth.